Thursday, April 23, 2009

Walls are coming down

Literally. We are tearing down walls for our kids.

When we're done, we'll have a space that:
  • will seat 100 kids for Children's Church and double as a great meeting space for everyone else. It'll be state of the art.
  • a welcome area where parents can check kids in and know that they are safely taken care of.
  • will have a play area with lots of fun elements for kids to play on.
  • will hace a redesigned nursery-5 year old space with a safer and more efficient check-in system.

  • Kevin Rodell, monster electrician and hard-working animal came in Monday night and led a few crazy men in knocking down walls. Ken Busch is leading the crew that's putting the new walls up and Danny Harmon is organizing the whole shebang. A design team has been meeting and paint and decoration will soon be going up.

    Thank these guys when you see them. Better yet, bake them something or name your first born after them.

    Pics below. Before, this was a long hallway and a bunch of small classrooms. Now, there is space to breathe. Welcome to the future of The Grove: Our ministry to the kids of our community.

    The future check-in/play area.

    ABOVE & BELOW: The new children's church space. Day 1-5 of deconstruction. The stage will go where the black is covering the window.

    BELOW: Construction flotsam and jetsam.

    Can you paint? Build? Move material? Breathe? We need you. Click here to send an email to Danny if you are willing to volunteer your skillz (yes, I spelled that with a "z." Much cooler that way). His email is if your computer can't use that link.

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