Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Preaching Life

I preach/speak/teach (or whatever you choose to call it) every week. It adds an odd stress to the week, but I love it (you try having something meaningful to say to a roomful of people once a week that keeps them from leaving or falling asleep).

Snapped a shot of these books at a seminary library the other day on the trusty camera phone.

Am I supposed to read the books in order? Are they trying to make those of us who live the preaching life feel bad? What's the subtext that some librarian is trying to send exactly, and can I please punch him in the nose?

If you can't make out the titles:
#1 - Pitfalls in Preaching
#2 - Preaching Like Paul
#3 - If You Cannot Preach like Paul

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Anonymous said...

The first book lets you know how you will screw it up and when. The second book tells you how you should be doing, and the third book is for those with thick heads who still don't get it. Its the motivational three pack of books.