Friday, January 23, 2009

Mister Roger's for the 21st Century

Living in the suburbs and maintaining anything resembling deep and satisfying relationships is challenging. By the very physical set-up of suburbia, we spend time we could spend being with people commuting to the responsibilities, interests and relationships in our life. In doing that, we tend to look right past the people who live to our right, our left and across the street. Today, Mister Roger's vision of neighborliness seems to be a pollyana pipedream.

We're addressing that through a sermon series on the letter Saint Paul wrote to the Christians in Ephesus (in modern day Turkey). We're calling it Won't You Be My Neighbor. How does following Jesus make any difference in the quality of our relationships with our neighbors?

Here's the promo video we shot for it.
A note to my Virginia friends, yes, you'll recognize the music. :-)


D.J. Glisson II said...

HAHAHAHA!!! I loooooove it! :)

Though, we really need to get Devotchka to write you some new music. We already killed that song. Murdered it. Dead.


rrumble said...

whoa. I didn't know they have 1stMarket out in St. Louis...

Good work on the film -- RR

urntjerry said...


MTL said...

St. Paul on Mr. Rogers: that's great! I'm updating the Ekklesia Project database, Scott, and I see you've moved. Any chance you could send me a new email address for you? If so, we'd really appreciate it. Blessings on your work at Trinity.

Therese Lysaught, Chair, The Ekklesia Project

Cindy M said...

This is so true...I love it! You think a lot like someone else I know.