Friday, January 02, 2009

Trading 1737 for 1764

We're leaving history for history.

Richmond, VA (our current home) was founded on the banks of the James River in 1737. It was nothing but a muddy flat to the early settlers. They sailed their ships up the James from the Atlantic, and when the ships couldn't make it past the rocks that now signify downtown Richmond they decided to go ahead and stop. Smart.

Among other things, it's the home of the Confederate White House (now literally surrounded by a hospital), the site of Patrick Henry's famous "give me liberty or give me death" speech and the home of multiple Fortune 500 companies.

It's been a great 6.5 years of learning, growing and stretching. We've loved it, made great friends and seen God do beautiful things in people's lives. And now, in the providence of God, we're moving to St Louis, MO.

St. Louis began in 1764 at a spot picked in part by a 13 year old (never say Middle Schoolers can't do important things). It was a fur trading post positioned at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers that grew into a thriving metropolis, eventually becoming one of the 10 largest cities in the country (now 18th).

I'm leaving my role at Southside Church in Chesterfield, VA as the Fellowship and Discipleship Pastor to take the Lead Pastor role at Trinity Church in Florissant, MO.

Pretty excited.

Trinity Church is a great group of people who want to reach their community...and I can't wait to lead them to do it. The trucks have been loaded and delivered and we've already battled a broken toilet in our temporary home until we can find a house to buy. Our welcome has been warm. Good days are ahead.
I'm looking forward to working for the peace of the city and being an agent of the Kingdom in it.


Juliana said...

I am truly excited for you and Andrea - to see how God is going to use you both in St. Louis. Even though we are no longer in the same small group, same church or same city, we're still on the same team - working for God's Kingdom. Yeah, and BTW our team wins!! (I couldn't resist throwing that in.)

Sandy and I will be praying for you both tomorrow as you begin your new ministry. I know that great things lie ahead.

Also, back here... a friend of mine I've been praying for (just really had a burden for these past few months b/c they seem to be struggling) called me today out of the blue and said they are going to be visiting Southside tomorrow. The live only 10 minutes from us, and I hope we can get them plugged into our new small group. I was thinking about inviting them once the group got started, but it's cool to see how God may already be working.

Talk to you later!

Dustin Harding said...


Your link didn't work to I'm guessing it should have been :) Congratulations.