Monday, January 19, 2009

I Have a Dream

Living just two hours south of Washington DC for the last 6 years has meant lots of trips to all the places that splash across the nightly news, including multiple trips to the Lincoln Memorial. Those historic steps mark the spot Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his powerful words of hope some 40+ years ago.

I have a picture (which I couldn't find) of the spot he stood (so use your imagination). Along with which is a pensive shot of an African-American gentleman and his son reading Lincoln's address. I wonder what this day (and tomorrow) mean for them? If I were part of a minority group for my entire life then suddenly one of my own was catapaulted to the pinnacle of power, how would I feel? What would I think was possible for me and my children?

I try to MLK's speech once a year, both for it's inspirational and pedagogical merits (that's a mouthful). I'm inspired by the power of words to paint a vision of the future every time I hear it. And I'm moved to think about how I communicate.
What an incredible leader with incredible words. He read his speech until several minutes in, when he ditched his notes and went extemperaneous, giving us some of the most famous words in our history.

Enjoy the speech. How are we doing at living out the vision painted that day?

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Juliana said...

I can imagine how they feel, and today is truly a momentous day. Although Obama wasn't my guy, I can fully appreciate what it means to African-Americans. It's the same sense of hope and endless potential that I felt when I imagined we might have had our first female in Presidential or Vice Presidential office. I remember feeling that it would be so great for my daughter to grow up, knowing that her gender wouldn't hold her back from any role to which God had called her. I have a feeling that's similar to how African-Americans feel today, and I am happy that this day has come.