Thursday, June 25, 2009

SportsCamp, days 2 + 3

Lots of good times at SportsCamp as we learn a different sport each night (thanks to all the Coaches who are faithfully serving as models and mentors this week) as we apply it to Paul's admonition to the Christians in Corinth:

Everyone runs; one wins. Run to win. All good athletes train hard. They do it for a gold medal that tarnishes and fades. You're after one that's gold eternally.

25+ workers are making the week happen for 110+ kids. We're exhausting ourselves in the heat, and here's why: So we can root kids in Christ. If we start kids with the right roots, the fruits that result in adolescence and adult-hood are entirely different. We're showing kids the right path this week. We believe in themand in the power of God to save and transform a child's life and future. If we didn't believe that, we wouldn't be doing this.

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