Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sports Camp '09

So proud of our team. Lisa Busch is leading a great week for 100+ kids in our community. She had the idea to remix the traditional VBS (VBS. The kool-aid fueled, Bible-themed rampage that churches across the Midwest hold for their communities featuring little men made out of popsicle sticks, Bible stories and crazy games) into a free SportsCamp for our community.

As a church, we want to serve our community, and this is a beautiful way to do it.
It gives parents a break. (serves their parental sanity)
It's free. (serves their pocketbook).
it's full of fun and full of energy. (serves kids' innate need to move)
Tells the story of Jesus. (serves their need to know God).

Everyone is having a ball...even in the sweltering Missouri summer heat.

We close out the week with a celebration service on Sunday and are inviting all the families to be our guest at lunch.

Way to go Kid's ministry team!

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