Friday, May 22, 2009

Wall are going up

Walls going up usually mean that boundaries have been crossed and people are being kept out. That's metaphorical wall building and has nothing to do with this post--I just like to dabble in metaphor, it's a sickness.

Literal wall building, on the other hand, is a good thing. And in this case it means we're making signficant progress on our kid's area.

Ken Busch and his crew have been working almost around the clock getting dry wall up, mudding and taping.

A few pics if you haven't made it upstairs to see the progress.

The new half wall that will signfiy the greeter check-in area.

The wall from another angle.

Ken taping the drywall in the expanded Children's Church area.

We're not far from painting and decorating. It will be a great space that will serve our kids and our community. Pretty excited about it!

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