Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sex and all that

I don't know of an issue that is kicking the slats out of people's lives more than sex.
Primarily because it has tremendous potential for both pleasure and deep hurt. Through sex, you open yourself up--and there's always risk involved when you do that.

Plus, I don't know an issue that the church has been more reticent to discuss.

We addressed that this last week, here's why:
Church ought to be several things:

A game where everyone gets to play. Nothing hurts this more than a firmly ensconced laity/clergy divide. Instead, we each have a part to play. Jesus has a mission to the world and wants us each fully in on it. That doesn't mean sitting in a pew one time a week and calling it all good with you and the big guy.

The environment of relationships where you don't have to wear a mask. Didn't do it right? Don't understand? Doubt? Question? Hurting? Marriage not working? Your invitation is into that kind of community and your challenge is to be a part of helping create it wherever it isn't fully present.

The community where we'll talk about what people are really facing. How else do you make progress, change the way you think and live God's way in God's world if you don't talk about the actual issues you are facing? Sex is one of those issues--and it looms large over the world we all inhabit.

My favorite part? Danny and Monica Harmon reading Song of Songs to each other. After hearing the passages they read, married men might have a new interest in palm trees.

If you read Rob Bell's outstanding book, Sex God, you can revisit a lot of what we talked about.

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