Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's Always About Relationships

This shot was snapped driving down the interstate at about 70 miles an hour, in the rain.
Probably not the safest way to take a picture.
I've never heard of KBS, but their tag line told me that they understand something fundamental about human nature and how the world actually works.
It's always about the relationship. Always. So even if you are a construction company (like KBS), you aren't building buildings, you're building relationships.
It underscores a life axiom: So go your relationships, so goes your life.
Think about it. In what arena of life are relationships not the key to success, joy and peace and the place we find love?
The quality of the experience is directly related to the quality of the relationships.
Relationships are the umbrella under which we live life. Everything else either contributes to or takes away from those relationships.
This is what it means when scripture says we are made in God's image. We understand God to be a relationship of persons--Father, Son and Holy Spirit (the Trinity) always giving away love. Or Augustine described the Trinity: Lover, Loved, and Love.
Bad relationships=no love.
Want love? Work on your relationships.

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