Monday, September 22, 2008

File Under: That Was Awkward

I stopped by one of my favorite proprietors of Mexican food, Don Jose, for lunch today.
Reader Tip: You can immediately tell the quality of a Mexican restaraunt by the music they play (Don Jose plays only Junta music) and the refried beans (out of this world).

In short, they know their way around the enchilada.

After quickly ordering my lunch (Speedy Gonzales with pollo y frijoles), I made a visit to that one room set apart as holy for the men in the restaraunt. While preparing to do the important work one does while in said room, and having just shut that very special inner door separating me from the rest of the world (guaranteeing a few moments of solitude from the rest of the world's chaos)...the outer door to said room pops open.

I hear my waiter (!) say with his great accent: "Did you want the rice or beans on your Speedy Gonzales?"

Cue brief pause as I scan the room (which is very small), thinking, hoping, praying, that he is talking to someone else.
Nope. He would be me. I guess that's good customer service??
Not wanting rice, I of course responded.

For now, I will be filing that under the "A's" for "awkward."

1 comment:

urntjerry said...

I wouldn't believe this story if Scott Marshall weren't telling it.

Only to you, dear friend, only to you would this happen.