Thursday, March 25, 2010

God is still God

The Story of Zac Smith from NewSpring Media on Vimeo.

Can you say God is still God and he is good?

May Zac's story change you as it has changed me!


Anonymous said...

Scott, great story. Kind of make you think about the future.

What do you envision the future of Trinity? From a spiritual, practical, and style perspective?

Scott said...

Anonymous -
Spiritual: An army of people who know how to learn from Jesus and teach others to do the same. They will reflect Jesus in the way they act, interact and react=Grace people. In a word, make disciples.

Practical: 3 building blocks.
1-The Foundation-> Huddles of 4-8 who make a short term investment learning a shared vocabulary for what it means to follow Jesus, how to hear Jesus' voice in the middle of life (and do what he says) and come out with a clear sense of identity and purpose for their life. I've been leading the first huddle for the last 11 mos or so and we are just now ready to multiply into new huddles.
2-The Vehicle for mission and community-> Missional Communities. Some of the people in huddles will feel a call to lead a group of 20-50 on a specific mission that comes out of their identity and purpose (e.g., serving single moms, teaching job skills, ministering to prisoners, etc.). This is where the army masses and where we "take new territory" if you will. The mission is decentralized and put in the hands of people who have been trained to listen to Jesus and do what he says is best. It's also where people make relational connections and build relationships that become family. Small Groups then naturally grow out of the connections made in the Missional Community. It will be the primary expression of church. This size group is exactly what Scripture refers to when it talks about "household."
3-The vehicle for worship->Gather 4-5 missional communities and you have a viable group that can meet weekly to worship. We are then able to plant worship sites around our area, creating another way to connect people to our church.

Style: What we do always reflects who we are, so our style will reflect my leadership. Not sure what level of detail you are meaning by that, but without knowing what you mean, I'll leave my response at that level of detail.

In short, our future is this.
Make disciples (via huddles) -> release those disciples to lead (via missional communities) -> see this multiplied again and again until we call an entire city to God.