Saturday, February 20, 2010

You are weak...and so am I

Brennan Manning explains in his book "Posers, Fakers, & Wannabees", that Lent is... "a symbol of admitting our failures and weaknesses and renewing our attempt at trusting God through thick and thin..."

It is often the hardest thing to admit that we are need of anything. We like to make everyone think we have it all together. However, until you understand that you (and I) need God, you will constantly be replacing that need with other things: money, sex, things, jobs, status, etc. It is a beautiful thing when we realize not only do we need God but God is available. That God isn't some out their deity, but a loving and personal father. Where in your life are you trying so hard to make something work, when what you may need to do is really trust God and see him as "daddy"? In this season of Lent may you begin to understand His grace and how it covers all our weaknesses and failures!

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