Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Little Catalyst Serendipity

When serendipity happens, it's a beautiful thing.
(serendipity, n. - an unexpected gift or grace.)

The folks at Catalyst have been calling me non-stop for the last few days, leaving messages, asking me to call back, etc, etc. They have a bang-up leadership conference they do every year and I just assumed they'd put their follow-up program on steroids--hence their incessant phone blitzkrieg. I'd already emailed to say that I couldn't make it, so I was just (respectfully) ignoring their calls.

I knew something might be up when Sabrina called and left a message saying that she had the entire Catalyst Team on the phone with her (*cue loud team scream*) and wanted me to call her back.

So today, I did. And it was serendipity. Like every other doof in the world, I'd put my name in the hat for a drawing they were doing for a couple of free airline tickets to anywhere USofA. And, unlike every other doof in the world, I won! Brad Lomineck, their fearless leader, called me with the entire team in the background to be the herald of this great news.

They recorded our brief conversation and I think the call may be on one of their future podcasts. (one of my favorite podcasts by the way...and no, I'm not just saying that because I have been duly hooked up)
So, my beautiful wife and I are off in the near future to some TBD locale (sans kids) for a little R&R. I'll post some pics of the trip when we finally decide when and where.

Thanks Sabrina, Brad and everyone at Catalyst for ignoring my ignoring! We are the humble recipients of your generosity and will gladly schlep the name of Catalyst with us on the trip (maybe wearing a "this trip brought to you by Catalyst" t-shirt??).

I should note that last year we won a $1000 gift card to a local furniture store and then later won a $100 gift card to Maggiano's at the intermission of one of our student's plays. Both times, I just somehow knew "we're going to win." I have to say that I had that same feeling putting my name in the hat for the tickets. Weird, I know.
I think it's safe to say that the last two years of winnings makes up for 10 years of doing overnighters with Junior Highers.


LaMo said...

Thanks for the excitement, Scott! Any time you need someone to ignore your ignoring, you just let us know!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Scott! The husband of one wife - love the reference!

Have a great time with your wife, brother!

Josh said...

dude, that's awesome!