Friday, June 20, 2008

What Ministry Looks Like

BlockquoteUsing your resources, gifts or abilities to meet someone else's needs.

Ministry usually takes the form of conversation, or waiting, or helping. It's always person to person. It's almost always ordinary and mundane. It rarely has an immediate effect, but it always has an immediate cost.

Here's a picture of what that looks like.

This is Victor. He spends times talking to teenage guys about their lives. He hangs out. He is a minister.

This is Jenn. She and her husband are in our small group. She waits on kids while they use the bathroom. She is a minister.

This is Todd, Jenn's husband. He goes into people's homes and repairs their electricity so their lives are easier. Plus, in his spare time he lets kids dunk him in the water. He is a minister.

This is Juliana. She's also in our small group. She stays home with her kids and works to raise them to be who God made them to be. She is a minister.

This is Russ (green shirt) and Karen. They stand around in the heat and make sure kids don't eat too many cookies. They are ministers.

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Juliana said...

When I saw the pic of me and my kids, all I could think was I'm glad I remembered to suck in my belly when you took that photo! (I'm so vain sometimes...)