Thursday, June 05, 2008

I'm a Work in Progress

I frequent Leading Smart, a great blog by Tim Stevens, a pastor at a very innovative church in Granger, Indiana.

Reading his post yesterday on advice to a new blogger, I was stopped by number 8. Here it is.

Blockquote8. Don't Criticize. This is a life lesson, not just a blog lesson. So many people have to validate what they think by cutting down someone else. Just don't do it. You can elevate what works, what you believe, what you think--without criticizing the opposing view.

Which made me, er...ahem...uhhhhhhh...gulp, realize I'd done just that. Not in a huge way, but I'd done it against Perry Noble. So here is my personal vow. No more criticism of a person. Ideas, concepts, approaches--all fair game, but no labeling/name calling/pejorativizing (I just made that word up) of people.

I think Tim is right. More is gained by putting an opinion out without also having to bring someone else down. It's a fine line, but I'll do my best.

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