Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wii Would Like to Play

Played some Wii for the first time last night with a family in my small group. I've never been a big video game guy (except for some old school Atari).
But last night:
Rocked it in Tennis.
Crushed it in baseball.
Severely humbled in bowling.
Got beaten up by a six year old in boxing (but not before accidentally actually punching him while trying to figure out the controls. Whoopsie.)
And now I have a new injury I am officially dubbing: Wiiitis Shoulderitis.

I lift. I run. But Wii kicked me where it counts and my shoulder has ached all day.

Props to the imaginations that saw a way to merge exercise and interaction with the passivity of video games. They've reinvented a cultural experience.

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NoJo said...

i've not played a Wii yet. but my boys have. sounds fun.

I'm new. looking for good blogs to read and found yours.