Tuesday, March 04, 2008

ReThinking (or realizing what Christians have actually always believed about) Heaven

I'm in the middle of Bishop Tom Wright's splendid book, Surprised by Hope (it sounds so smashingly British to call something splendid).

Recently, he was interviewed by ABC News about the ideas in the book, demonstrating that nothing is more incendiary than the truth. A higher res version of the interview can be found on their site.

The book is a popularized version of his weighty 800 page Resurrection of the Son of God where he does the exegetical, historical, theological and philosophical spadework to underscore his idea (and which I'm still working through and will likely finish in something like 2011).

From the book:
All language about the future, as any economist or politician will tell you, is simply a set of signposts pointing into a fog. We see through a glass darkly, says St. Paul as he peers toward what lies ahead. All our language about future states...may or may not correspond very well to ultimate reality. But that doesn't mean it's anybody's guess or that every opinion is as good as every other one. And--supposing someone came forward out of the fog to meet us? That, of course, is the central though often ignored Christian belief.

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