Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More Good Thinking

More Good Thinking that makes you say, "now why didn't I think of that?" from a pastor of a church in Fort Worth.
A few nuggets to pique your interest:

"In kingdom work, we make a mistake when we start with ecclesiology. We should start with Christology. Our first approach should be "How can we live out the love of Jesus in this society?" It's not "How can we start a church?"

"If my church is primarily about the Sunday event, then doing kingdom work is secondary and actually unnecessary. If the Sunday event and church programming is primary, then I'll spend all my time, money, and energy what happens inside the church.
For so many pastors, church is about what happens on Sunday. Well, I really disagree with that. Church is not supposed to be a Sunday event. It's supposed to be salt and light in the family, in the community, and around the world."

"At our church we say, "Kingdom in, kingdom out." When the kingdom gets inside of you, then missions is not an occasional project you do; you live out your faith constantly for God's kingdom."

"Even if we get people into small groups, how many groups are really turning people into disciples that engage the world for God's kingdom?" (That one is just a kick in the pants for me and my role)

"We Aren't About Weekends"

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jeleasure said...

I agree with this, Scott. I used to be a Sunday Christian for many years. Now, I truely want to be about people. Sorry to have been acting like such a hypocrite.