Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1 year, 10 times

Stopped by St Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Richmond at lunch today. They do a yearly Lenten preaching series where they serve lunch and then invite various preachers to their pulpit. St Pauls is a historic Church. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee both worshipped there during the Civil War.

Today's guest was Lance Watson from St Paul's Baptist here in town (10,000 or so strong).
My boy can bring it. Makes me sorry to be white. Seriously.

Subject: New wine requires new wineskins.
Some nuggets from his sermon:

"This next year guarantees new problems, new pressures and new possibilities."

"New problems require character.
New pressures require conviction.
New possbilities require courage."

Somewhere in his rising crescendo of a sermon he said this that literally left me breathless:
"Instead of living ten years, many people live the same year 10 times. They have no more compassion, no more joy, no more intelligence, no more enthusiasm, no more excitement, no more goodness. They live the same year, 10 times."

If that ain't enough to think about for a few weeks...

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