Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Don't Waste a Crisis

Gotta love this from Matt Chandler, a pastor of a church near my hometown outside Dallas.

On Thanksgiving he had a seizure which revealed a 2 inch tumor in his brain needing immediate surgery. He is my age and dad to 3 beautiful kids.

This short video is how he is seeing what is happening to his body. The emboldened question coming out of this for me as a pastor: Who is your everything? What's all-consuming enough to ride you through pain, heartache, and suffering? Is it really enough, as Tim Keller says, to fulfill you when things are going well and forgive you when you fail?

Here's the constant testimony of Scripture and people who've followed Jesus to the death: Jesus is everything.
Amen Matt Chandler, Amen.

You can follow twitter updates on Matt from his wife at

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