Sunday, September 06, 2009

Where do you find life?

I stopped the other day while going into a building to watch some bees pollinating a plant. I've never really been a bee watcher (more like a bee flee-er), but this was fascinating. With precision, they moved from flower to flower, sucking the nectar and immediately moving on when they'd exhausted the supply of life they'd found. Their receptor cells were keenly tuned in to life.

Fast forward. I'm sitting in the car with my boys waiting for my wife to come out of a store when a bee/fly-like creature lands on the window right next to me. I'd usually roll down the window to shoo him off, but my memory of the bees stopped me. It was like an inside out view of bee pollination 101.

Again, amazing. With precision, his receptor cell felt (smelled? sniffed?) for food on the window. It apparently found some. I watched from inches away as it sucked some sort of nectar (soda? left over candy bar? body sweat?) from the window. He was highly tuned to where there was life and where there wasn't.

Which got me thinking. How tuned in am I to the places where life is and where life isn't? Where have mistaken routine for the places of life?

Jesus said he came to bring life in the fullest possible way. I'd like to be the bee that drinks it in.

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Catch some Zzzz's said...

Great to see a new posting! Enjoying the MRS GREN series.