Monday, March 02, 2009

Headed East

I'm headed to DC this week for a short conference on the emerging missional church--i.e., church understood from the perspective of doing God's mission in the world--the Missio Dei (just sounds so much better saying it in Latin).

It's a group of like-minded church planters, pastors and leaders who gather every year to do some thinking, discussing and praying about where the church is headed and how to actually get there.
Since I think we are on the cusp of a new day in the American Church, I'm excited to be part of it and look forward to the interactions and partnerships that emerge as we step into a new day as followers of Jesus.

Budget dollars are pretty tight, so I'm footing the bill this time around. It's an investment in the future I'm glad to make. Get to hang with my buddy Doug too. My amazing wife gets the most credit. She's watching the kids while I'm gone.

It's pretty cold in DC this week and with a recent snowstorm dump, I'll be bundling up and packing my snow shovel.

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