Friday, February 20, 2009

Consumerism 101 (or how to know when your child has been watching too much TV)

Hudson quips this morning over breakfast while covered in a blanket because he was cold,
"the man on TV says that when you wear a blanket your arms are trapped. But if you buy a Snuggie you won't be."

He is four (FOUR!)
He is not allowed to watch anymore TV.


urntjerry said...

Wanna save money? Don't buy that Snuggie. Put a robe on backwards. Its the same thing.

Keri said...

My daughter is instantly sold on anything Billy Mays is advertising. She once sat through a commercial literally open-mouthed and turned and said, "MOMMY! You have to get some of that!"

krystal said...

We don't have TV at home; however, once a week is more than enough, at grandmas we have no control. I think the TV is on way too much. :( from Krystal Keyes

Anonymous said...

I think Billy Mays is secretly uses voodoo magic on us...his words...his coal black hair plastered down to his by oxybrite..and a snuggy so I can do laundry without taking off my blanket!!!

Great post Scomarsh, scary to see another example of how media driven our society is..


Dustin Harding said...

The truly funny thing about this kind of logic is I know he doesn't get that from his mom's side. And I don't think it skipped a generation from his dad's side. :) Love ya Marsh.