Thursday, May 29, 2008

Community Looks Something Like This

Jesus' prayer in John 17 came to life a bit more today in front of a motorcycle.
Wynne, the Executive Pastor of our church, wrecked his bike a few weeks ago. It was a potentially fatal wreck, but he walked away with only a few bruises and a few days of soreness. He thought his bike was totalled and that it would be months, maybe years, before he could afford to ride again.

His bike was a source of stress release for him, and in his role he has plenty of that. But we surprised him today by repairing his bike and pulling a mini "Extreme Bike Makeover" by yelling, "Move that van!" to reveal his reconditioned bike.

He beamed and felt the love...and all of us were drawn a little closer together. It was small slice of heaven on earth and quite a beautiful moment. Community, I am coming to understand, is a patch-work quilt made up of just those kinds of moments. A experience here, a conversation there, a piece of redemption at that moment, some letting out of the heart in this moment...all of it creating community. I love being on a team where community matters.

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