Friday, December 21, 2007

Catholic Morning Prayers

As we were packing up at the hospital last week, getting ready to take Corban home for the first time, morning prayers came over the loudspeaker (the hospital is under the auspices of the Catholic diocese of Richmond).

I was so moved that I called the Sister who read prayers for a copy. Apparently, I wasn’t alone. Several people had already asked her for a copy. Here it is.

Today is the feast of St Nicholas. He was a bishop who became the model for Santa Claus, exemplifying the art of giving and receiving.

“Even if you decide to choose love right now,

it doesn’t mean that you will get a new Mercedes.

Choosing love is a more profound choice because it is not just

the spiritual adult who must choose, but also the wounded child

who isn’t sure s/he is worthy of love.

You might have to realize you will have to confront the darkness

in order to find the light.

This isn’t the cotton candy kind of love.

It’s not the instant oatmeal approach to salvation.

It is the kind of love that takes a lifetime to learn to give and receive.

It’s the kind of atonement that happens in the trenches.”

--Paul Ferrini

O God,

Thank you for the graces we receive that enable us to give and receive.

Help us deepen our capacity and ability to give as well as receive.


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