Monday, June 18, 2007

Lessons from Children

Some lessons I've learned from children as of late:

On limits & longing
Hudson: *from out of sight, noises of straining to reach something* "Daddy, I can't reach it."
Me: "What can't you reach Hudson?"
Hudson: *more emphatic* "I CAN'T REACH IT DADDY!"
Me: "What son?"
Hudson: "The sky daddy, I can't reach the sky."

on grace
Background: I'm performing a wedding of two divorced people. Both went through hell in their previous marriages, and now God has brought them together. The woman has a 3 year old daughter. As part of their ceremony, the man made a promise to the little girl. Holding hands in a new family circle, the following interchange took place:

Man (looking at the little girl): "I promise to care for you, love you, provide for you, etc"
Little girl: Looks up adoringly
Me: *thoughts* She won't remember any of this. In fact, she doesn't even understand what he is saying to her. And furthermore, she didn't do anything to deserve these kinds of promises and doesn't have the capability to even receive them.

on joy and anticipation
Background: On vacation staying with one of my close friends. He has a six year old son.

Me (to the 6 year and my 2 1/2 year old): "Boys. Tomorrow, would you like to go swimming at the pool?" (the city they live in just built perhaps the greatest public pool I've ever seen.)
Boys (in ecstatic, jubilant unison): "YEEEAAHHHH!!!"
The six year old (at the top of his voice): "I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS DAY TO BE OVER!"

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