Tuesday, September 19, 2006

When We Disagree

I had an email dialogue with a friend about the whole marriage amendment thing that's such a hot button in America right now. We have a lot of people in our congregation that have very strong feelings about the issue and about the Church's involvement in the issue. Not everyone who loves God holds that same position. How do we talk to each other amicably and with love and respect when we disagree? If we can't do it inside the Church, how do we expect to do it with those outside??

This comment gave me significant pause to think about the issue:

It's hard to love people when you're thinking about how wrong they are. Where's the line between righteous indignation and letting anger rule our hearts?"

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Josh said...

what's more important? being right or being in relationship?

i think we were taught to ask that question when we were getting married. there are many times when aubrey has to choose the relationship over being right.